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This season’s Denim Collection is an assorted array of the practical and the stylish, from the breathable fit of our Travel Lite line to the sleek look of the High Energy family.

Today, we concern ourselves not just with fashion trends, but the impact our industry has on the world. The effects of climate change are far-reaching and to combat the negative consequences, we must take into account the impact of our choices.

We aim to provide our customers with denim fabrics that are both fashionable and sustainably produced. By offering a selection that emphasizes environmental impact, we let customers make decisions that are not only a good choice, but the right choice.


The main inspiration for AW20/21 is about the realization of the problems existing; in a constructive way. We embrace that certain situations do exist – rather than finding our way around them; because a solution can only be defined when the problem is clearly identified.

We take steps forward and make developments that are inspire from the nature;paying respect to all aspects of it. We are fast and furious on information and use our ability and capacity to learn, connect, socialize, and engineer with this in mind. Taking all the good things we’ve learnt from the past, and moving on with improvements, sustainability becomes a fact. Sharing is key – collaborations, partnerships, building value bringing bonds that take the industry forward are the kick-starters of the
better days to come.

C2C Certified


Gold Line

Design thinking is the key to developing goods that allocate and utilize correct resources efficiently. We are offeringour world of denim, designed for life.

Considering that the life cycle of a product begins already when being designed, we consider design for purpose a tool for improvement. Design thinking and product development are key points of our sustainable production.